Vaginal Yeast Infection Treatment Explained

Are you looking for an effective Vaginal Yeast Infection Treatment? Tired of the constant itchiness and discomfort? The cure isn’t as complicated as you may imagine!

Why It Happens

It’s quite a known fact that the cause of a yeast infection is the buildup and overgrowth of fungus, namely the Candida yeasts, in certain areas of the body. The vaginal yeast infection is especially common because the vagina happens to have one of the best environments for the Candida yeasts to thrive: warm, dark and moist. However, have you taken the time to understand why these yeasts can grow in such a fast rate during a yeast infection?

Before delving further into the reasons, let me first tell you that even in the healthy, uninfected human body, you will be able to find Candida yeasts growing. The yeasts themselves are not foreign to the human body. The only difference between the yeasts in the healthy human body and in yeast infections is their number and possibly their size. Yeast infections occur because somehow, these non-pathogenic, normal microorganisms in our bodies have been allowed to grow and multiply out of control, resulting in the experienced symptoms (which I know, can be very uncomfortable and painful at times).

There are numerous reasons behind vaginal yeast infections, and some of them include:

  • The usage of antibiotics
  • Douching of the vagina
  • Low immunity
  • Health conditions such as diabetes
  • Sexual intercourse with an infected man (yes, men can have yeast infections too, but for them it’s usually on the penis)

There are a few symptoms similar with other STDs like blue waffles. Now let’s talk explanations. The reasons above may be different from each other, but the basic underlying explanation is pretty simple. These reasons upset the natural microbial balance of the vagina, killing normal, good bacteria that actually help keep the growth of the Candida yeasts under control. With these normal bacteria out of the equation, the much stronger Candida yeasts can now grow to their heart’s content, disturbing the sensitive surface of the vaginal mucous membranes. This, in turn, causes the symptoms of the yeast infection.

Now that you understand why yeast infections happen, let’s educate ourselves about the symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection, shall we?

Symptoms To Look Out For

Usually, women who have a vaginal yeast infection experience discomfort or itchiness in the vaginal area, with can also be accompanied by a burning sensation during urination. These women may also experience pain with sexual intercourse, and in some cases, there is a discharge present that has a cottage cheese appearance (this is not always present though).

The symptoms for a yeast infection are pretty general, and are also shared by a multitude of other sexually transmitted diseases or vaginal infections. It’s not a smart thing to do to self-diagnose yourself with a yeast infection, as the actual condition may be something more severe. Checking with a doctor is highly recommended, to rule out any other conditions that you might have. Better be safe than sorry!

What You Can Do To Treat It

If you are diagnosed as having a yeast infection by your doctor, then you probably will be prescribed some drugs by the doctor. You can take those to help alleviate your symptoms and provide a short term cure to your issue. The same can be said of over-the-counter medications for vaginal yeast infections.

So why do I say short term cure? Basically, these medications will not eliminate the cause of the problem. Instead, they just take care of your symptoms by killing off the excessive Candida yeasts that are currently causing your issue. However, since the root cause is not taken care of, over time you will have a recurring infection, as the Candida yeasts will grow excessively again due to the upset of the bacterial balance as mentioned before.

If you want a proper cure to your vaginal infections, you first have to get rid of the notion that drugs will help you. Yes they will, but not in the long run, and most anti-fungal drugs when taken for a long time can actually be detrimental to your health. The only thing that can actually help you is a pretty natural, chemical free cure: lifestyle changes. Yes, that means your diet as well as a couple of other things. I won’t say this cure is easy, but it’s definitely necessary and will ensure that you fully cure yourself of this uncomfortable problem.

To get rid of your yeast infection quickly and effectively though, you should only undertake very specific changes to your lifestyle. To know what these changes are, you should consult an expert; however, this may cost you a bomb. So instead, why not opt for a step by step guide?

Using An Expert-Written Guide To Find Out The Best Vaginal Yeast Infection Treatment

I’m going to tell you about a step by step guide so effective, hundreds of people are raving about it! It’s no wonder that the advice in the guide works; this is because thousands of hours of research was put into it and it is nothing less than an expert guide. If you are dead serious about getting yourself completely cured of your vaginal yeast infection, then this is precisely the cure you need to follow!

To sum it up, a vaginal yeast infection is caused by a disturbance to the natural balance of microorganisms in your vagina. This disturbance can be caused by many things. To permanently cure yourself of  a vaginal yeast infection, you will need to restore the balance by making some simple changes to your lifestyle. To know exactly what these changes are, it is best to consult a step by step guide with precise instructions, such as the expert guide mentioned above.