Unique ways to use leftover espresso

Espresso is delicious, but also expensive. If you’re like me, and find yourself with extra shots laying around (I hate making singles!) then keep some of these ideas in mind.

Reheat it

Stick it in the refrigerator for the next time you’re craving a latte but don’t have the energy to make some up. Just pour it out and stick it under the steamer. You’ll notice the difference less than if you were to reheat a full cup of coffee, because there’s such a small amount of espresso per cup. Some people can tell a difference, others have no idea. Be sure to use a steamer, though, as heating it up in the microwave makes it taste terrible.

Ice it

Find a container to put all your leftovers in. Have a guest over who’s craving a good iced latte? Grab a glass, pour in the appropriate amount of espresso, add cold milk and voila! It’s much easier than having to make up a fresh shot and pour it over ice, and saves from having it watered down! Have you ever had a Red Eye, or a Turbo Hot as Dunkin Donuts calls it? It’s simply a shot or two of espresso in coffee. Well try it cold! Add one shot for a 10-12 oz cup of iced coffee, two shots for a 16oz coffee and three for a 20 oz.

Add some flavor

Having a bowl of ice cream? Drizzle a shot of espresso over the top for a sophisticated spin on the old sundae. Or even add some flavor to your next milkshake or frappuccino. My personal favorite is a black and white milkshake (vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup) with two shots of espresso. Yummy!

Make ice cubes

I normally take my leftover regular coffee to make ice cubes for iced lattes and the like. Why not do it with espresso as well? You’ll normally have much less leftover espresso than coffee, of course, so just make small ice cubes. Find small trays, or only fill them up half-way. This will add a nice kick to your iced lattes or make a good alternative to use cold espresso for iced red eyes (mentioned above).

Bake it

Set aside your leftover espresso (it keeps best in the refrigerator), or even any leftover, unused espresso grounds you may have, for your next baking project. Stir it into the mix of brownies, cookies, scones, or any other similar treat for some extra coffee flavor. This goes especially well with chocolate chips!