Treatment For Bacterial Vaginosis: Chemical and Natural Treatment

Treatment For Bacterial Vaginosis can be done in several ways. Bacterial Vaginosis or what people know as BV is a disease in the vagina that is caused but bacteria. Let us see the fact and detail on such an issue based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; it is said that the conditon is often related to douching and sex with multiple partners.

The symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis are often misunderstood to other vaginal problems like candidiasis or what we usually call as yeast infection. Of course, then it will be so much different from the treatment of any common yeast infection. The doctor is usually giving an antibiotic for the Treatment, but unfortunately, it will not be able to treat the condition permanently. We may even witness that in so many cases, the antibiotic is even making the Bacterial Vaginosis worse instead of becoming Treatment options.

Medical Treatment For Bacterial Vaginosis

Treatment can be done both medically and naturally. As has aforementioned before, doctor will usually give antibiotic, but there are actually some other alternatives people are able to consider using for such a treatment rather than merely using an antibiotic. One of the suspects of the disease is douching, but on the other side, douching can be used as a Treatment, with the note that it should be done properly and appropriately. In this case, we are recommended to choose a douche that contains potassium iodine on its ingredients.


You may also be surprised that apparently, vitamins have a great role on the Treatment options. As a result, we are highly recommended to take vitamins such as vitamins A, B complex, C, D and E that are very beneficial to fight Bacterial Vaginosis. To help us reduce the itching we can also use vitamin E. It can be found in various forms of treatment such as powder or cream. You could choose that convenient to you or according to your doctor’s prescription.


Boric Acid can also become one of the effective Treatment if you want to know. We can find easily it in countless numbers of health stores of pharmacies around the neighborhood or we might even get it from some online ones. The compound will trap ammonia, the bacteria source of energy, in the vagina. Probiotic does work on BV because it supplies good bacteria. We can use it by opening the capsule and inserting it into the vagina. It will grow the good bacteria and bring the balance in vagina, this is worth to try.


Natural Treatment

Aside from the medical treatment, we should also consider natural Treatment. The natural treatment is definitely safer and cheaper. Therefore, before we go with the chemical version, it is better for us to consider at the first place to avoid you from any unwanted side effects caused by the chemicals used in the particular treatment. If the natural treatments don’t work, then we can go to the doctor. One of the most popular home remedies for BV is yogurt. We can take yogurt in two ways: eating it and apply it as a cream on the vagina. If we want to insert yogurt into our vagina, then we will feel more comfortable if the yogurt is plain and has no preservatives. On the other side, if we want to eat it, we can take couples of our favorite yogurt taste everyday. Another natural Treatment is apple cider vinegar. We can pour it into the water and soak our under body in it. The natural Treatment we should try is tea tree oil. It has excellent antibacterial effect that will help us battling the bacteria that cause BV. We can drip the tea tree oil into a water and rub it to the vagina. The most important is creating healthy environment for the vagina. We have to prevent high humidity by cleaning and drying the vagina after we take a bath or from the toilet and prevent fatty and sugary foods. We will be able to get maximal outcome with habit change and right Treatment.