Tips for using Leftover Coffee

Everybody knows that the bottom of the coffee pot doesn’t taste as good as the rest. Or that coffee that’s been sitting for awhile, well just doesn’t heat up well. So what do you do with that left over coffee? You can just imagine how much money you’ve thrown away with all that leftover coffee through the years. So why do it? Just because you don’t want to drink it with your morning paper, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a use. And that’s why I’m here to give you 5 things that you can use your old java for.

Iced coffee is the new lemonade

It’s a good way to get yourself energized on those hot summer mornings. Take your leftover coffee and stick it in a good container with a top and stick it in the fridge. Next day, add your leftovers to yesterday’s leftovers.

You’re probably thinking that that would taste horrible. But surprisingly, you’ll barely taste a difference. It’s easy to taste the difference in day old, or bottom-of-the-pot hot coffee, but iced it all mostly taste the same. Not convinced? Then add a shot of chocolate syrup, or another similar flavor.

On the topic of iced coffee – make coffee ice cubes

Are you the type that doesn’t like a lot of ice in your summer coffee drinks because it waters it down? Well this is the perfect solution! Pull out your ice cube trays and fill them with your leftover coffee.

They freeze up just like normal ice cubes, and won’t water down your iced coffee! Keep them in the freezer in a well-sealed container (plastic bags work as well, but you take the risk of getting that plastic-y taste on them) and they’ll keep for quite awhile.

Do you grind your coffee fresh, and have some leftover unused grounds?

Don’t throw them out! Set them aside for your baked goods. These, as well as instant coffee grounds (if you’re desperate), taste delicious mixed into scones, brownies, muffins or anything similar. Just add it into the mix! This taste especially yummy if you couple it with chocolate chips.

Despite what’s been said, does iced coffee just not taste fresh enough for you?

That’s okay! Set it aside for other iced drinks. Making a chocolate milkshake? Add in a little cold coffee for an extra kick. Or use it to make frappuccinos or other coffee slushie drinks. These delicious alternatives have a variety of other ingredients and flavors that will make it difficult to tell any difference in the coffee itself.

Now this idea is a bit more involved, but what about coffee ice cream?

If you have an ice cream machine, or know how to make it from scratch, keep your old coffee to mix in. Even better, mix it with some chocolate, hazelnut, almond, coconut or any other popular coffee flavors for a unique concoction!