Saving Money Clip Free Savings Grocery Bills

The recession has taken a toll on so many families where they’re struggling to survive on jobs that don’t pay as much as their last one and are juggling with mortgage payments, gasoline and food.

 In these hard economic times, the solution is to purchase the Sunday newspapers, but they can average around $1.50 to $2.00 per week and for people trying to stick to a budget it would mean digging deep into their wallets.

Weekly Flyers

Each week local supermarkets will run sales on certain products. Check the flyers to see what will be on sale for that week. These flyers are usually sent either through the mail or found in inserts of Sunday newspapers and the sales are usually on meats, soft drinks, snacks, produces, paper products, cleaning supplies, drugs, canned and jar goods. For example, Shop Rite will have their annual Can, Can sale that occurs in January and July. They will have a variety of canned products on special like, Bumble Be solid white tune, ten for $10.00, which makes it only a dollar per can. In order to take advantage of these bargains, consumers will have to register with the supermarket by joining their price club at no cost where they’ll receive a card that is the size of a driver’s license and two smaller ones that fit on a key chain. Consumers can present their card at the checkout lane where the cashier will scan it into the system where the discounts will appear automatically during the transaction.

Genetic Brands

Try browsing at the store’s genetic brands because they are a few dollars cheaper, but are just as good as any other name brand product advertised. Most major corporations such as, Kellogg’s, Kraft, General Mills, Nabisco and Campbell’s usually make the contents that go inside these genetic brands and they are sold under the supermarket’s logo.

In Store Coupons

Some supermarkets and retailers will offer in store coupons as a way to say thank you to their loyal customers. Most places have tables where people will give samples of food products to customers and will sometimes offer coupons that will save between 50 cents to a dollar off that item. Most grocery stores will offer their own coupons to avid consumers, when customers check out at the cash registers, they’ll receive a coupon where they can save a dollar on their next purchase of Tyson’s chicken nuggets because they have already purchased it or it can be for Perdue’s chicken nuggets, which is the same product but a different brand.