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Aristoteles said that humans life is a never ending search for happiness. What is more closer to happiness than pleasure?. Humans are by nature a pleasure seeking beeing. Pleasure though may not always resolute to the category of goodness.

Most pleasure are deemed ‘bad’ to many social values and norms, because its character of reason that tends to be more individual than it is social. Bad impact to social life that may arise from pleasure are usualy put into regulations and laws. In the other side, bad impact in the scope of individuals doesn’t have the same advantage. People though are beings with knowledge and thoughts that are expected to filter between the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’. A two value that may vary from one person to the other. Individuals often draws their own line, a rule between the different values.

So, what makes a guilty pleasure? Originating from two concepts ‘pleasure’ and ‘guilt’, this phrase describes an action taken for pleasure resulting a guilty feeling for the individual. The feeling of guilt arise from the individual knowledge that the action done is categorized ‘bad’ than ‘good’, but takes satisfaction from the action. A pleasure obtained by crossing their own line of bad and good value. Most people are often fluent in excuses for crossing their own guilty line. It isn’t very suprising, between pleasure and guilt, we would often lean on pleasure.

On daily occasion, individual face chances of pleasure constantly. After all we are surrounded by them in every aspects. Our civilization offer pleasure every where to satisfy various individual’s crave.

Cuisines are one of many. The pleasure of taste and fulfilment. The notion of satisfaction from a single bite or sip. Some of such culinary even offer social status as a bonus of such pleasure. The pleasure of food! The knowledge of disadvantages in fattening foods for example are known by many, but yet alot of people still consume. Some people though have higher risks of such guilty pleasure than others, especially health related. The higher the risks the thicker the line, but still does not gurantee that one would not dare to cross. Kneeling to the crave and when that consciousness knowledge arise, the guilt hits. Excuses awakes, even resolution such as a morning jog the next day. When dawn breaks, one choose to stay in bed rather than put on those jogging shoes. Again the excuse awakes. That guilty pleasure in the cycle of daily lives we often take.