Reasons for filtering water to brew coffee

Water is very powerful stuff. It is so powerful it can even be ignited-with a bit of persuasive electricity. The tensile strength of water allows it to stack up, which is a strange characteristic for something that runs through your fingers.     

Water is primarily responsible for the erosion process, in that, it picks up soil, minerals, and just about anything else it can get. It is partially responsible for rust, the oxidation of iron, and it can carry disease Montezuma’s Revenge.

It is due to all of these wonderful and powerful qualities of water that cause that delicious early morning beverage to taste the way it does. No city in the world has ‘delicious’ tap water. That is a given. Is anybody old enough to remember lead piping? There’s a trick let’s make our coffee and get stupid and poisoned all in the same carafe. Water passing over anything picks up part of the anything. 

I will discuss the method in which most coffee pots work. First, you have a tank of water. This water passes through a heating element tube, that also heats the plate for the carafe. The water travels up another tube in a thermal siphon past a ball bearing(plastic on most) and into the collector where it cools just enough to make it ‘Rain’ on your grounds.     

So, where does the taste come from. Hey, it’s still water. It still has some of the initial impurities. Even if you were to boil it yourself on the stove and collect the steam or dip by hand the taste would be there. In order for the nasty taste to go away, you would need to pass it through a membrane (osmosis). The water on the other side is extremely susceptible to acquiring new flavors.     

Bottled water, distilled and purified, make better coffee than any old ‘tap’ water could ever dream (if water had a brain) of making. I try to use tap water in cheaper coffee pots, you know, the nine dollar jobs from wally world. I have found that after two or three healthy pots of the nectar of the gods and the pot needs to be cleaned. After I have cleaned the pots 10 to 12 times they will no longer work. In fact, they will sputter and spit and take an hour to make 8 cups of coffee. This is primarily because of the alkaline in the tap water. I love my coffee, and don’t dare get near me until I have had a cup or two.