My Guilty Pleasure

Every so often I have my guilty pleasures.  It is sometimes very hard to hide, especially when you are around the ones you love.  How could I hide my deepest darkest secret even to the one that I know would find out?  Should I stop with what I am doing, and forget that it has ever existed?  Or should I secretly continue my ways, hiding it as discretely as I can, making sure that no one finds out.

I look over my shoulders making sure that no one is watching, reassuring myself that it is all clear.  It has always been taken away from me; my family knows how crazy I get when I am near it.  It calls to me every night and day, no matter how hard I try to block it out, it always finds a way for me to have it.  When I do have an opportunity to indulge, my mind whirls with love and guilt that I would either be ashamed or satisfied with.  This guilty pleasure will always be there, making me feel naughty but happy at the end.

I only shared it with one extra person and it became his obsession.  He loved it, the way it spoils him, treats him with respect and makes him feel naughty.  It was our only guilty pleasure that we both shared.  We both wanted to tell others but decided that it would destroy our beautiful relationship that we have together.

Little by little friends started to notice my little addiction and started to question. When I tell them its nothing but a little tease for my mind body and soul, some would shake their heads while others smile with anticipation, wanting that same satisfaction.  The indulgence is incredible and very satisfying, I try to do it alone but then my friends started to join in on the fun.  It was a lot more fun when it was just me, why take away all my fun?

Now, I watch my friends enjoy their pleasures which once belonged to me, I loved eating banana splits with chocolate fudge, lots of cherries, honeyed nuts, raisins and rum.  I guess I will have to find another pleasurable experience that only I can enjoy alone, until once again I grow tired of it and decide to share it with everyone else.