How to Make Popsicles

Making your own homemade popsicles is easy to do and fun for the whole family to enjoy. They are a low cost treat and perfect on a hot summer day.


To make your popsicles it is recommended that you buy popsicle trays. These trays will make it easy to put the frozen treats together. These trays have several advantages over ice cube trays. The first one is you will get a bigger popsicle. With ice cube trays you only get a very small treat that will melt before you have a chance to enjoy it.

Popsicle trays are also very easy to prepare and use. They cost next to nothing and you can even find these trays at dollar stores and discount stores. This is easier then wrapping ice cube trays in plastic wrap and trying to get sticks to stand up straight inside the tray.

Purchase Your Popsicle Mold

A purchased tray will usually have two pieces. These pieces include the mold for pouring your drink mixture into, and the stick for covering the mold which holds onto your frozen treat. You can find different molds in many sizes and shapes. Some may even let you use traditional wooden popsicle sticks for the handle and not plastic ones which you typically find with molds. Once you have selected a mold you are ready to make some popsicles.

Make Your Treats

Take your mold and remove the tops. Pour in your drink mixture which can be anything from simple orange juice to ice tea. Orange juice and store bought juice will make the best popsicles. Try to experiment with different juices for some variety. Put the tops on and freeze them overnight for best results. Give them at least one to two hours to set properly.

Healthy Popsicle

You can make many different popsicles with these trays and even healthier ones too.

Watermelon Popsicle

1 cup watermelon cut up

1 cup orange juice or other juice

1 cup water

Blend these ingredients in a blender and pour into your mold. You can vary the recipe depending on the amount you want to make. You could even try different fruit combinations.

You can also make popsicles that don’t drip by using jello mix.

1 Jell-O pack

1 kool aid pack

1/2 cup sugar

3 cups water

First you need to mix the Jell-O, kool aid, and sugar is some hot water to dissolve it. Then add your cold water and mix together. Pour this into your mold and you will have a great treat for the kids.

Making homemade ice treats can be a lot of fun and great for a parent and child to do together. Visit your local store and pick up one of these trays and start making your own treats at home. It is a great way to spend time with family on a hot summer day.