How do you insert a tampon?

Most of girls will be worried while they need to use the first tampon. Don’t be nervous and talk to someone who had ever used tampons, for example your mom and even your friend. When you learn the information on how to insert a tampon, it’s important for you to relax. It’ll be easier after you relax. As we know it will be hard to do something while we are nervous, the same as insertion, the more harder and the more nervous.

For your first time to insert a tampon, you should select the smallest size of tampon. This can make your insertion become easier on your first experience. Here are some simple guidelines you can follow:

  • Firstly you should read carefully the instruction on the box of your package of tampons.
  • Secondly look up the directions by searing it on internet.
  • Thirdly be ready for your first inserting.

How to insert step by step

Thinking you are sitting on the toilet, now you can place your leg on the seat of toilet or you can squat down. The first thing is to find a comfortable position for you to insert a tampon. After that you can hold the tampon with your fingers away from your body.

Open the labia with your other hand, position the tampon in the vaginal opening.

Push it into the opening gently and stop it when you feel your fingers touch your body.

There are also some tips for you, the whole inserting process you will not feel the tampon unless you inserted in incorrectly. If you feel you have a wrong way to insert then you should remove it. The simple method is to start again with a new one.

Hope it will help women who are inserting the first tampon, more content you can be interested in.