Healthy Snacks

Instead of eating ice cream, cookies, sugared drinks and sodas, why not try incorporating fresh fruits and healthy snacks into your diet? I’ve come up with a list of foods that I think are a great way of eating healthy when you want a snack to get you to your next meal. Fruit smoothies are a very refreshing drink that can actually feel you up. Add strawberries, bananas and peaches to some ice or milk.

Sip on it slowly and feel yourself become energized. I like to freeze different kinds of fruits, cut up into cubes and then eat them on a stick like a fruit lollipop. Another healthy, tasty snack is a handful of raw nuts. My favorites are walnuts, cashews, and almonds. The nice thing about nuts is that they are easy to pack, eat and they fill you up. Try adding more cut up vegetables to your day as well. Plain popcorn is a great treat and gives your hands something to do to keep them busy.