Coffee maker review of Aeropress

I love coffee in the morning. That loving has become a lot easier to do with Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker. It is actually a very simple machine. Actually, it is one of those revolutionary ideas. For me it has changed coffee making, bringing it back to the hot water kettle. Aeropress is ideal for camping, tenting, hunting, hiking, or road trips.

Aeropress comes in a six-piece kit. Those include reusable and great paper filters. The filters are supposed to last one year and this micro filter is credited with the smoothness of the coffee and it stops and captures all coffee particles. There is a measuring spoon, a ground coffee funnel, a stir stick, paper filters and a brewing tube and a plunge. You can press the coffee directly into the coffee mug.

Aeropress is made of tough polycarbonate, which cleans by simply rinsing. You put in your filter, measure your coffee, and pour in hot water (165 to 175 F) is the recommended temperature. I just bring my kettle to a boil, wait 10 to 20 seconds and pour in the water. Stir, so that the grounds all get infused, wait 20 to 30 seconds and press the plunger. It can be a hard press but it you just apply downward pressure and let the water filter through, it is not that hard.

The taste of coffee

I’ve used a stove top espresso maker for years. It is extremely portable and makes great coffee. I was happy with it for years and years. Then someone sent my wife a birthday present. It did not come easily as we turned it back three times, but now I’m grateful we got it.

Steaming coffee was a great way to make coffee. Now not steaming it is even greater. With the Aeropress you get the smooth, full body taste. There is no bitter edge, even of the great coffee. Then there is that wonderful rich taste. I had no idea coffee taste could reach such a zenith.

We use pre-ground Van Houtte Espresso coffee. This is good, reasonably priced coffee. With the Aeropress, it has become a truly a marvelous coffee.

Aerobie Aeropress 

Is available in the US and many distributors and retailers worldwide.

Aeropress comes with easy to read instructions. It is also easy to use. It is easy to clean and even though is has six pieces, is easy to bring. To the mountains or the five star hotel.

Aeropress made by Aerobie the makers of Frisbee and other toss toys. This is one coffee I recommend without reservation. Aeropress system is the way coffee should be made.